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About Us

Just about everybody is looking for that special "Magic Pill" to burn fat and to get heatlhy and fit....

Well, we believe that something worth having is worth working for. We believe that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and we assist our members in living that lifestyle with our "Magic Pill". Our "Magic Pill" is: commitment, consistency, community, variety, and intensity, in a safe, fun and comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere where goals are encouraged and supported. The other part of that magic pill is, of course, healthy nutrition. We make a huge effort to educate our members in the big, confusing world of proper nutrition as that is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

CAUTION: Side effects of our "Magic Pill" may include...

...better functional movement, strength, flexibility and mobility, better balance and coordination, cardio endurance, more energy and stamina, feelings of happiness and self confidence, a toned and hard body, clear and healthy skin, a feeling that you can accomplish anything.

CAUTION: This "Magic Pill" is highly addictive



Our Coaches

Chris Fournie

Chris is owner and head coach of CrossFit Elk River. Leading by example with honesty and integrity are key traits he lives by. He has had a 37 year journey of training and helping others lead happier, safer and healthier lives. His considerable experience has helped him create a vibrant CrossFit community where all are accepted, treated with respect and encouraged to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

His experience includes:

  • 3 years of full time CrossFit coaching
  • 17 years as an Gym Owner, coaching, training leaders and conducting classes in Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Russian Kettlebells and CrossFit
  • Created and implemented a highly successful fitness/weight loss program for 12 years
  • Numerous seminars on nutrition as it relates to fitness an d weight loss
  • Private instruction and coaching i ncluding P rofessional athletes
  • Helping people continue their training while working through injuries and other issues
  • Martial Arts instructor for 35 years
  • Conducted numerous Personal Safety, Child Safety and Women’s Self Defense seminars as well as Firearm instruction
  • Executive Protection/Bodyguard
  • Private Investigator


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • Level 2 Russian Kettlebells
  • Black Belts in Karate/Kickboxing and Arnis
  • Many certifications over t ime relating to fitness, nutrition, coaching, personal safety, weapons defense and martial arts
  • Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (Canada)
  • American Council on Martial Arts
  • KidSafe



Chris Fournie - Crossfit Coach

Stephanie Domchick

I joined Crossfit Elk River in the fall of 2014 and received my CF-L1 in March of 2016. Crossfit has truly changed my life; it’s given me so much confidence inside AND outside of the gym and I’ve met some of the most amazing friends within the CF community. I played sports all through HS but never really had a competitive bone in my body and I’d certainly never done any type of Olympic Lifting before I decided to try Crossfit for the first time in the fall of 2013 in Ohio (where I was born & raised). I truly enjoy the challenge of Olympic Lifting and the satisfaction of learning new movements and technical skills. But I most enjoy working with our members and showing them, they ARE capable of reaching their fitness goals, that they ARE athletes, and helping them build that self-confidence in themselves that Crossfit has also given to me. I love the competitive spirit Crossfit has brought out in me and enjoy doing local competitions with my teammates and cheering on my fellow CFER Athletes at their competitions.


  • CF L1
  • CF Gymnastics

What’s Playing on Pandora while I Coach:

  • Beastie Boys
  • Rob Bailey & the Hustle Standard
  • Missy Elliott



Stephanie Domchick - Crossfit Coach