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Mike and Carolee

I had been wanting to join a gym or start doing a workout program for sometime now, just to get better toned and back into shape. I wasn't interested in going to a typical gym with all the fancy equipment, I wanted variety.and after driving by CrossFit Elk River for the past while, I decided I wanted to see what it was all about. In checking it out on the internet, it seemed the perfect fit. After talking with my husband Mike about it, who was in need of losing weight and changing his lifestyle for his health, he thought it was a great idea, and wanted to join with me.

Since I've been there, I can see major improvements in my mobility and balance, I have a ton more energy and I am sleeping soundly throughout the night. I'm stronger, getting toned and feeling alive again.Love it!

When Mike joined, he had never been in a gym before, and wasn't sure what to expect. His job is very stressful, he has a poor diet and tries to maintain on very little sleep. He was on the verge of needing to be on high blood pressure meds and high cholesterol medication. And now, since the 5 weeks he has been there, he has dropped 20 lbs. is sleeping so much better, on a better diet, and with the variety of the WOD's, he can get rid of some of that stress from his job. One added bonus, he has had a constant nagging back ache for the past several years, and now with the strengthening of his core, his back ache is gone.

We both get excited about going, and its very addicting and Chris and Mary are the best. Everyone at CrossFit Elk River is so supportive and cheers you on to do your best. We look forward to every session we sign on to, and love how our bodies are changing for the better.

Thanks Chris & Mary for all you do on improving our lifestyle.

~Mike & Carolee, Elk River Mn

Stats for Mike and Carolee (results in 8 weeks at 3 x week)
Carolee: down 5.5 total inches, down 6 lbs, has increased muscle mass and decreased body fat
Mike: down 11.25 total inches, down 22.8 lbs, decreased body fat by 7.5%, increased muscle mass by 4.2%
*After just a few short months Mike's Blood pressure is back to normal range!​


Rachael started CrossFit in July, 2015 and is doing so well! Here is her testimonial (her first. there will be more as she is so dedicated!) We are soooo proud of you Rachael!!! Hard work, consistency, and a great attitude pay off!

"I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I remember being in first grade and my mother putting me on the "Slim Fast Diet" and that's when the real roller coaster started!! I became extremely aware that weight was an issue, but used food to console those feelings. As a young adult I became addicted to chemical substances hiding my insecurities which caused my weight to roller coaster!!

At 26 I finally applied to have Gastric Bypass Surgery. I thought all my problems were solved!! Finally after almost 2yrs going thru all the hoops I had Gastric Bypass Surgery Jan 15, 2008. Within 9mths I lost 110 lbs!! Even though I vomited every day, and had to have a scope shoved down my throat to stretch out the opening to my stomach I convinced myself I had it all handled! Never was I taught how to handle my addiction to food. So back to cover up time as I couldn't eat my feelings away. I ate crap just in small portions, and I didn't think vitamins or nutrition was all that big of a deal!

After my first daughter was born I started having extreme pain, headaches, and just felt horrible all the time! I was diagnosed with Hyper Mobility Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Extremely Vitamin Deficient, High Blood Pressure, and Depression!! I was sent home on about 7 different meds and my nutrition was never addressed.

The pain spiraled out of control so I was given pain meds after pain meds and sent for cortisone injections in my neck, back, and hips. Also having radio frequency in my neck TWICE!! The birth of my second daughter started with pre-eclampsia, emergency c-section, rupture after surgery, 4 blood transfusion, 8 days in the hospital, and again sent home on high doses of narcotics to recover for the next 9 months!! I had to go thru a taper program to withdraw my body from the pain meds which is beyond painful words cannot express!! Feeling miserable and guilty that I couldn't handle life like a superstar I ran back to my best friend.....FOOD!!! Those 110lbs couldn't have jumped back in my skin any faster and there I was with all these problems and the stupid weight!!

When I joined CrossFit it seriously was my last hope!! When I came with Sarah for WOD and Wine night I was terrified, but to my surprise everyone was welcoming. I felt so stupid not being able to run 200m to warm up, but no one cared they just kept cheering me on!

6mths into CrossFit and I've lost 32lbs, and am completely off EVERY medication including my depression meds! I've learned to eat for nutrition and not for pleasure, and started the Whole 30 Challenge which I know I would have never been able to do in the past!

Best part is I'm learning to live life again and enjoy crushing the goals I set for myself!"

Jill and John

I entered into the world of CrossFit thinking I was doing a favor for my husband who was just diagnosed with diabetes and that we had a smalll window of time to correct the issue with diet and exercise before he was put onto meds. Little did I know how this would impact my world also. I needed CrossFit justa s much as he did. Slowly we put down our guard and realized by making some food choice changes and adding in 3 times a week CrossFitting, we would make a huge life adjustment.

I foud myuself excited to go to classes, and to see what I could achieve. It's a little daunting at the beginning because you think you are never going to be able to do some of the exercises that are asked of you. Mary and Chris are great and they modify the movements so that you learn techinique first and then you build on the principals that they are focused upon. I am amazed at thow much progress both John and I have made in 5 months.

John is no longer at risk for diabetes, he is off of most of his meds, he had his prescription changed on his CPAP and that is the next thing to go away from our lives. WOO HOO! He is down a total 34 pounds. He was entering a 38 waist pant size and is now down to a 34.

I have lost 31 pounds and am down from a size 14 pant size to a 11/12. I have increased energy and don't have the huge cravings for sweets and salt like I used to since adopting a paleo lifestyle. I have had more comments from co-workers and clients who haven't seen me in awhile about the visible changes they can see in me. I also find it odd how I fall asleep at the same time at night and naturally wake up at the same time in the morning. It's like my body has a rythm of it's own and it naturally just runs it's cycle.

The biggest piece we both love about CrossFit is the relationships we have built, Not only with Chris and Mary, but other CrossFitters. Everyone is encouraging and truly wants you to succeed at whatever goals you have. I feel like this is a group of people that I would consider family. It's such a unique experience and I am so excited to complete the goals that both John and I have set for ourselves. I am convinced once you take care of yourself and your body, the rest of the goals you have in your life follow. There is a balance to work/body/mind mentality and CrossFit has had a HUGE piece in that. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to make a change in their lives.

Thank you so much Mary and Chris for putting up with John and I !!

John and Jill Roehl - Elk River




Why I joined CrossFit: In April of 2014 my doctor told me that if I came into his office one more time with high blood pressure he was going to put me on blood pressure meds. I felt 36 years old was way too young to be getting this type of news and my brother had been telling me how much of a difference Crossfit had made in his life. I had tried the YMCA but, I knew that without an instructor pushing me such endvors with going to ultimately yield no results. So after seeing the CF ER was opening up I figured now was the time to get my health back on track with my age.

How Long and How Often I CrossFit: May 2014 until present 3 time per week.

How CrossFit has changed my life and my results so far: So my dark secret is when I started CF I was a 5 cigarette a day smoker and continued doing so for 6 months until Oct 1st when the 30 day challenge came up. I decided this was the time to really make dramatic changes so I stopped everything including taking daily meds and smoking and went strictly by the rules and only put in my body what the challenge permitted. This is when things really started to be noticeably and pretty quickly, I felt better and started noticing that I was looking healthier and others were noticing these changes as well. I ended up looking 10+ pounds in that 30 days and gained a good amount of muscle, WODs were easier and I was able to go faster and harder. While my eating habbits have slipped a little from the 30 day challenge due to having an unimaginably busy schedule with 2 boys in scouts, hockey, soccer, lacross, more hockey and a wife that is going to school full time but, I always make sure I find time to get into the gym 3 days a week and sometimes more. Most importantly I haven’t touched a cigarette since Sept 30th 2014 which to me is the greatest success . Now I’m more active with my boys, feel better and look better (I think)

~ Troy Jordan, Elk River Mn



Crossfit Elk River is head and shoulders above the rest! There truly is no comparison, what Mary and Chris bring to the table as far as skill, knowledge of what they teach you, Nutritional Goals, facilities, etc... is unmatched. I've never been to a gym where there is so much support!! Crossfit isn't a workout fad (i.e. Insanity, P90X, Hip-Hop Abs, ETC...) It's a lifestyle! It's real people, getting unreal results! Oh and the student discount didn't hurt either!!! If you are on the fence about where to go, look no further YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! "Been working out since 8th grade and have NEVER seen results like this! Come change your life forever at CrossFit Elk River" ​

~ Cody F


"I started coming to CrossFit already addicted to RKC-style kettlebells, with a short history of CrossFit out of state. I transitioned from kettlebell to CrossFit WODs 4 months ago with trainers Chris and Mary. They are excellent instructors who have helped me reach PRs while pushing me to set new goals for myself along the way. The ‘regulars’ in class have been great to work out with, and everyone is extremely friendly! Check out this gym!!!" ​

~Laura C


"I had been on an exercise plateau for months, and kept on hoping CrossFit would pop up in my town...and it finally did! The coaches are beyond amazing, and push you when you feel like your muscles are at their threshold. Because of the ability to scale EVERY workout, ANYONE can become a CrossFit athlete. I know that, right now, I'm scaling something during each WOD, but I have the mindset that one day I will be able to RX each workout. If you want to challenge yourself and grow in ways you never thought possible, both mentally and physically, come join us at our box!" ​​

~Kelsey Y


"I started with their kettlebell program, looking for an alternative exercise. The treadmill and elliptical were just not giving me the results I needed. Once Crossfit was introduced, I was sold on the exercise, the coaching, and the wonderful group of men and women I work out with. Our class ranges in age from 18 to 60. The whole program is amazing!" ​ ​​

~Vickie C


"I have wanted to do crossfit for several years. I love the postive people and motivation I have found here. I have been achieving many of my lifelong fitness goals & I am excited to continue at Crossfit making me the best me I can be. The trainers are knowledgable and care about my goals and me as a person. I recommend Crossfit Elk River for everybody young & old, newbie or longtime crossfitter." ​ ​ ​​

~Jill Z


"This Crossfit box is top notch! Awesome coaches who are certified and knowledgeable and keep you safe! the best facility in around, and a wonderful atmosphere! The instructors are the best, they are certified in just about every thing and work hard to help build fitness and keep you safe." ​​ ​​

~Heidi B

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