Woman's Self Defense

There are a variety of seminar options, customizable to your needs.
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Cost: $49

Woman's Self Defense Program

General Self Defense Objectives:

  • To learn of the conditions surrounding an assault
  • To create a personal safety awareness
  • To develop physical skills necessary for self defense


  • Profile of a rapist
  • Awareness and Prevention
  • Compliance vs. Resistance
  • Attack locations and circumstances
  • Legal issues surrounding self defense and the Use of Force
  • Striking techniques and Target Areas
  • Escape techniques covering a variety of assault situations

Instructor Bio

Chris Fournie

  • 30 + years Martial Arts experience specializing in real world self defense and fighting skills
  • Black Belts in Karate/Kickboxing and Arnis
  • Body guard and private investigator
  • Conducted numerous security and self defense seminars
  • 30 years experience teaching Women’s Self Defense
  • Numerous security and body guard certifications
  • Law Enforcement Firearms Certified Instructor
  • American Council on Martial Arts Certified
  • Instructor
  • Kid Safe™ Certified Instructor

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Chris Fournie