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What is Crossfit?

Whether you are training as a professional athlete or would just like to be able to lift a load of groceries out of your car without throwing your back out, Crossfit is for you. Aside from gaining health, strength, and endurance, you will learn the correct mechanics for your day to day activities. Learn to lift your grandchild from the floor or properly push a car out of the snow. Gain confidence in your ability to accomplish physical tasks without injury.

After you have decided to give CrossFit training a whirl and start changing your life, your next step is to decide which membership option is best for you! Go to our Membership page for options.

Before jumping into regular CrossFit classes we require you to complete the On Ramp Elements course. Our coaches want to make sure that you learn all the proper form and technique. This accelerated course is designed to introduce you to the basic movements prior to jumping into a group class. The On Ramp three class course introduces you to the fundamental movements of CrossFit. We have found that good form is essential for your safety and success in CrossFit. These mandatory classes reduce the risk of injury and allows all our members to learn the proper movements under the watchful eye of a professional coach. This is included in your membership at no extra cost to you!

The CrossFit community is known the world over for its accepting, non-intimidating atmosphere. Where else can you get a cheering section for your work out when you are the slowest one? That is kind of community support you will find.

“Amazing bodies don’t just happen. It’s not something you’re born with. It’s something earned one day at a time.”

Healthy lifestyle, Healthy Body

I used to think I couldn't afford to do Crossfit. Now, 2 years later and with a tremendous increase in all areas of my health, I now realize that I can't afford NOT to do it.

Patricia Nelson (Age, 52)


- What makes CrossFit so awesome? -



GREAT community aspect. Unlike a commercial gym, you actually get to know the people at your box. There’s always that feeling of team work and camaraderie.

Constant coaching and support. In a commercial gym you have no clue if you’re doing an exercise right or not. While it’s not 1:1 training, you have a coach with you during every workout to help out and encourage you. If you don’t show up, not only do people notice, but they call you and ask where you’ve been. The only time that happens in a commercial gym is when you miss a session with your overpaid trainer.

Leveling up. Because you get to keep track of how much you’re lifting, and you know how many reps and sets you’re doing, you get to see constant improvement. You also get to advance at your own pace, slowly working your way up towards doing the workouts as prescribed.

Humbling yet encouraging. Yeah, you might end your workout lying on your back, but you have a sense of accomplishment when you finish a workout faster than last time.

Competition. It’s amazing how much further you’ll push yourself when surrounded by other people cheering you on and competing with them.

It introduces SO MANY people to weight lifting. Especially women who would have never ever attempted to get off the treadmill and strength train. It’s like a gateway workout – you learn what you love and can specialize further from there.

It's a good outlet for former athletes who like to compete. After playing competitive sports through high school and college, all of a sudden there’s nothing left to compete in. CrossFit gives people that outlet. There are local competitions and everyone has the option to compete in the Open for the CrossFit Games.

You get to find out what you're made of. CrossFit can be tough and it pushes you out of your “comfort zone”, which is necessary to teach you how to push through mental barriers, build mental toughness and more. “If it doesn’t Challenge you, it doesn’t Change you”.

It builds good muscular endurance and all around fitness. Your body is prepared for pretty much any athletic situation after a few months of CrossFit.​

program pricing

CrossFit & FST
(Functional Strength Training)
3 classes/week

  • Monthly = $180.00
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  • 6 month = $155.00
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  • 12 month = $145.00
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  • * Open gyms may be attended but will count as a class
  • * Includes Open Gym
  • * Includes a monthly InBody body composition analysis

CrossFit & FST
(Functional Strength Training)
Unlimited Classes

  • Monthly = $200.00
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  • 6 month = $175.00
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  • 12 month = $165.00
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  • * Open gyms may be attended but will count as a class
  • * Includes Open Gym
  • * Includes a monthly InBody body composition analysis

Unlike most CrossFit Affiliates, our On Ramp Elements/Fundamentals Course is included in all memberships!
These classes are mandatory for new members and essential for learning the elements and fundamentals of CrossFit for your safety and success. The On Ramp course consists of 2 hours of private instruction. You must get "checked" off on all elements by your instructor to move into regular classes.

- 10% VIP Discount – includes Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Active Military, Seniors 65+ and College Students. ID Required

- 20% Discount for Each Additional Family Member with 6 or 12 month Fitness Commitment. Discounted registrations here

** Memberships paid in full, in advance, receive a 5% discount for a 6 month commitment and 10% discount for a 12 month commitment, however are NON-REFUNDABLE under all circumstances.
(Only one discount may apply)

Experienced CrossFit athletes that are members of another affiliate are welcome to join us for a WOD. Rate is $20 or $30 (includes t-shirt). Please come early to fill out waiver. Register now

There is no charge for affiliate owners to drop in for a WOD.

* 10 class punch cards are available for $170 (Must have completed the On Ramp course) Register now

** Mandatory for anyone who wishes to participate in CrossFit classes. If you are CrossFit Level 1 certified instructor and have been active in CrossFit you may jump right in to regular classes.



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