Competition Prep Programming

For those experienced CrossFitters, or those that feel they want to add more volume to their workouts, we offer additional programming geared toward CrossFit competitions. More emphasis is put on precise execution of movements in order to meet competition guidelines. You will also be guided through the extensive preparation for the required stamina necessary to have success at a CrossFit Competition.

There are many semi-local competitions and many of our members participate regularly. The competitions offer team opportunities as well as individual.

Annually, all the members are encouraged to compete in the "CrossFit Open". The Open is a world wide competition where the WODs are completed at our box in front of a judge. The results are then submitted online to be ranked along with the rest of the CrossFit community around the world. It is fun to see how your performance compares to those around the world in your age group.

Podium Finish
Competition Overhead
Competition Rowing Competition Front Squat
Competition Black & White Competition