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Rachael started CrossFit in July, 2015 and is doing so well! Here is her testimonial (her first. there will be more as she is so dedicated!). We are soooo proud of you Rachael!!! Hard work, consistency, and a great attitude pay off!

"I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I remember being in first grade and my mother putting me on the 'Slim Fast Diet' and that's when the real roller coaster started!! I became extremely aware that weight was an issue, but used food to console those feelings. As a young adult I became addicted to chemical substances hiding my insecurities which caused my weight to roller coaster!!

At 26 I finally applied to have Gastric Bypass Surgery. I thought all my problems were solved!! Finally after almost 2yrs going thru all the hoops I had Gastric Bypass Surgery Jan 15, 2008. Within 9mths I lost 110lbs!! Even though I vomited every day, and had to have a scope shoved down my throat to stretch out the opening to my stomach I convinced myself I had it all handled! Never was I taught how to handle my addiction to food. So back to cover up time as I couldn't eat my feelings away. I ate crap just in small portions, and I didn't think vitamins or nutrition was all that big of a deal!

After my first daughter was born I started having extremem pain, headaches, and just felt horrible all the time! I was diagnosed with Hyper Mobility Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Extremely Vitamin Deficient, High Blood Pressure, and Depression! I was sent home on about 7 different meds and my nutrition was never addressed.

The pain spiraled out of control so I was given pain meds after pain meds and sent for cortisone injections in my neck, back, and hips. Also having radio frequency in my neck TWICE!! The birth of my second daughter started with pre-eclampsia, emergency c-section, rupture after surgery, 4 blood transfusion, 8 days in the hospital, and again sent home on high doses of narcotics to recover for the next 9 months!! I had to go thru a taper program to withdraw my body from the pain meds which is beyond painful words cannot express!! Feeling miserable and guilty that I couldn't handle life like a superstar I ran back to my best friend... FOOD!! Those 110lbs couldn't have jumped back in my skin any faster and there I was with all these problems and the stupid weight!!

When I joined CrossFit it seriously was my last hope!! When I came with Sarah for WOD and Wine night I was terrified, but to my surprise everyone was welcoming. I felt so stupid not being able to run 200m to warm up, but no one cared they just kept cheering me on!

6mths into CrossFit and I've lost 32lbs, and am completely off EVERY medication including my depression meds! I've learned to eat for nutrition and not for pleasure, and started the Whole 30 Challenge which I know I would have never been able to do in the past!

Best part is I'm learning to live life again and enjoy crushing the goals I set for myself!"

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My CrossFit Elk River journey began in 2015 at age 45! I often wonder what I could do if I would have started earlier. CrossFit Elk River and Functional Strength Training (FST) have been an amazing change in my workout routine. Always a runner, CrossFit and FST have changed how far, fast, and often I run. In addition, I am doing things I never imagined I would do (push-ups, pull-ups, and dips).

Most importantly CrossFit Elk River is FUN! Workouts vary daily and help me to be well rounded in my strength, endurance, and physique. The coaches at CrossFit Elk River are the best! Coaches ensure a good warm-up, proper technique, and have many suggestions to scale activities. The coaches are so excited about every achievement it makes all the work seem easier.

CrossFit Elk River members become your family and I look forward to seeing my classmates every day even at 6am! FST is a great way to get introduced to a full body workout in a non-competitive environment. Once I started I wasn't able to stop. It is very addicting! Health and wellness starts in the kitchen and ends with a dedication to a balance of cardio and strength training.

CrossFit Elk River is an easy way to sustain important changes in my workout routine and I have been a member for 5 years. I highly recommend it!

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As a 36 year old mom of two, starting to sport a COVID bod, I needed to find a gym that would challenge me more than I would challenge myself on my own. I am so grateful I found this at CrossFit Elk River. The coaches are the best and all the members are so supportive.

The classes have modifications for almost any fitness level, allowing me to reach and meet goals I wasn't sure were possible. I have noticed mental and physical improvements in myself due to both the benefits of exercise and also being surrounded by motivating people. I would highly recommend CrossFit Elk River to any of my friends looking to try CrossFit or increase strength and endurance with the Functional Strength Training classes.

Thank you everyone at CrossFit Elk River. I appreciate all of you!

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Thank God for CrossFit and the crew in Elk River. After 5+ years I still love coming at 5AM. I find the workouts challenging, the instructors keep me safe with teaching proper movement, and the people my box attracts are awesome humans. I always leave joy filled and feeling accomplished.


CrossFit Elk River has been awesome since day one! From the moment I walked in the door, I could sense it was a comfortable, teaching atmosphere where I could be challenged at MY fitness level. The coaches are exceptional teachers of correct form for all movements to avoid injury and maximize your abilities! Here at CrossFit Elk River, it's more than just a workout, it's a butt-kicking family!


I have been doing CrossFit on and off for a few years and recently moved to the Elk River area. I joined CrossFit Elk River shortly after my move and am thankful I did. Everyone has been welcoming and have quickly made me feel like a part of the community.

The coaches have been approachable and very generous with their time answering any questions I've had about techniques or movements and how to improve them. The Oly classes also provide a great opportunity to work on the fundamentals of various lifts without the time constraints of a WOD. The WODs are challenging, but the coaches give good advice and suggestions on how to maximize the workout.

I would highly recommend stopping in and becoming a part of the community!