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Sign up for CrossFit Programs

  1. Just follow these instructions
  2. Click here to go to WODTogether program page
  3. Create an account with a username and password
  4. Once your new account is created you will be prompted to sign a Waiver and a Health questionaire. You will need to download documents and then click to check boxes and put our password in. It will ask you to fill in your profile and contact info.
  5. Click on the "Follow" button for CrossFit Elk River and which program you are interested in
  6. Next, go to SHOP and it will bring you to our Pro Shop page
  7. Click on Training and scroll down until you find the appropriate Program and click on it
  8. You will be brought to a purchasing page. Click on the green BUY button
  9. You will be prompted to enter credit card information
  10. Click the confirm button. You should receive an email confirmation when order is complete
  11. Please call us if you have trouble!